​​Everyone Starts By Living Somewhere

​​Here is how it looks on the Great Plains (especially around the fertile Blue River valley country of Nebraska) where I started -- out where the West begins and it is impossible not to notice the land, reaching clear to the horizon and beyond. When the view runs so far in every direction, a person feels at home in the midst of vastness.
​Even the muscles of the eye are affected here, growing accustomed to focusing repeatedly at greater distances and quite differently than in those raised in the closed-in environments found in the woods and forests, cluttered terrains, and big crowded cities.

​With the sky ever-visible and open above, the weather continuously shows as a passing parade of mounting or diminishing variations of brightness or darkness, which reveal as well the seasonal shiftings of spring, summer, fall, and winter -- always moving through the grandly silent cycles of birth, growth, maturation, and death -- only at the end to repeat them all once more, and continue to do that over and over again.  

Your Voyage

​The voyage is where a life gets fully underway.

​Whether one leaves home or stays makes no difference, for it will happen either way.
​​​It is when, where, and how you start to come into your own . . .
​as that uniquely embodied sense you make of things,
and therefore steer your life by . . .
​inserts itself more and more distinctly . . .
​. . . into the whole of your experiencing.
​​It keeps extending itself until it eventually comes to span the whole of your lived existence, and it will continue doing so through your very last breath. ​And this voyage is the same one that you are on right now.

​You may long since have lost any sense of its motion with the steady feel of its unfolding -- or maybe never felt it much at all -- nevertheless, the reality of it is still just as unmistakably alive and ongoing in you now as hen it first began.

​Wherever that voyage has brought you to has not been mere chance or happenstance. Even if be far from what you believe you want or wish for, it is actually the living out of all your past wants, and the specific ways in which you've taught yourself to handle and manage these, that has most steered you to wherever you presently find yourself to be. It's been your hands at the helm and on the wheel all along.

​If you can discover the particular ways you've developed over time of steering your ship in the manner you customarily do, then you'll have also found the way to now set your course to sail your life in whatever direction you most choose. 

​​The Source Of All You Have To Offer Is Your Life,
​And The Voyage Places It In Your Own Hands

​The surest sign a person knows who they are is that they use this steady intermingling of elements and unfolding of events to steer the course of their life by. And if both aspects of one's existence -- the knowing and the steering -- have not clearly come together yet, then a grand discovery is still in store for you. For it's only when they do that integrity can appear and show itself in anyone.

Integrity is never delayed, devious, or duplicitous; it's always instantaneously direct and never beats around the bush. It forthrightly shows both just what is and is not the actual state of the individual who is embodying it. For it brings together the inner and the outer. One reveals it immediately by living life genuinely. And it always leads to something definite, somewhere specific, and someone in particular. Once it's there, it can be seen busily readying itself to move on into the coming stage of its unfolding.