​​On Experiencing

Whenever and wherever experiencing starts, it immediately opens the strand of a unique life to everything else that is real and exists.

Mine began in Nebraska, on the open prairies of the Great Plains  . . . out where it's impossible not to notice the land, with its dark, rich soil stretching like a vast solidified ocean to the horizon and beyond -- and a boundless sky that seems to run on forever.

Any enacted and embodied strand of experiencing, once started, never stops until finally coming to an end in death. And this enduring unfolding creates a unique span that resides in one place only -- in the physical body of the one who is living it. 

What Experiencing Is And What It Does

​I​​t is the substantive, sentient, process found only in something alive. As much more than a passive activity, it requires an organism in order for it to actually "be there" and exist. It emerges in the enacted and ambodied sense made of all that it comes across and everything that happens to it -- inwardly and outwardly --as it continues its unfolding from beginning to end.

​Yours is going on in you now as you take in these words you're reading. And there will never be a single moment in your entire life when that ​experiencing ​isn't in the midst of it all right there with you. For we each make our own sense of whatever we come across, and then we live the sense that we make.
​That is what it is . . . ​and this is what it does:

Once upon a time, there was a sperm and an egg that met -- and instantly the two became one as a fertilized ovum.

Immediately, its protective wall encircled the new life, closing off everything else outside it as foreign, while the single cell divided in two, and each of those complete halves started splitting into pairs, with the whole living mass proliferating so profusely it could only be described as a controlled explosion of cells.

This incessant burgeoning of sentient soma kept elongating minute by minute, hour after hour, day and night as the weeks swiftly turned into months, with the ever-burgeoning life growing into clusters, layers, and groups of specialized cells of many different kinds -- spheres, tissues, tubes, folds, fibers, stems, pocketed places, cords, sheets, fluid substances, all in viable forms functioning in general harmony -- gathering, compounding, and differentiating themselves into increasingly complex organs and interrelated systems of a completely independent organism designed to further life in a self-contained way. Already, even in the uterine world, progressing from embryo into fetus, these pulsations of contracting individuation/ participating expansion,  kept right on alternating faithfully, while growing into an ever-fuller "I-Thou" exchange, manifesting itself as a new I developing its own Thou.    

With its three fundamental actions: to encompass, to evolve, and to endure commingling in a single continuous formative process, it stretched from conception all the way through the rest of gestation clear on up to birth, when, expelled from its fluid-filled sack out into a fully dimensionalized world -- (but bolstered by its nine months of experiencing and responding to distinct sensations in its every moment) -- it began traversing its life-long external journey, through the purposeful stages of infancy, childhood, youth, adolescence, full mature adulthood, middle age, old age, and death -- all resulting in the complete and identifiably distinct individual every human indeed comes to be.  

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Key ​Aspects Of Experiencing

All experiencing is whole.

All experiencing is finite.

All experiencing is specific.

All experiencing is physical.

All experiencing is individual.

​All experiencing is intentional.

All experiencing is autobiographical.
 To grasp it as a whole viewed from the outside in . . .
    ​Imagine the opening theme as being the DNA, sounding in the harmonica's first note amidst the background of  other accompanying instruments, all suggesting the bubbling explosion of cells harmoniously held together in a single burgeoning mass, ​as the tiny fetus grows its way to full term, when, (​from 1 min: 01 sec. to 1 min: 30 sec.​) delivery takes place, wherein the baby is powerfully "exhaled" from the womb out into the full dimensionality of life all on its own in the teeming world, as the unique journey of its external existence commences from that point on (​​at ​1 min: 32 sec.​). ​Its unfailing momentum perseveres and steadily keeps on unfolding ​as good things then happen, and bad things happen, through the unpredictable events of its array of stages: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, maturity, continuint on into full old age. With all their peaks, pits, and long plateus in between. Each new day adds something more to the ever-enlarging whole of what's gone before.​ Until finally -- be it suddenly and unexpectedly, or gradually and drawn out -- it reaches the end . . . and its life is over.    
. . . along with a matchless slice of your very own, to experience from the inside out all by yourself . . .

​This interactive audio file was specially created for the academic research of  my seven-year doctoral program. Its average (15-20 sec.) bits of music and voiced segments are classic snippets stretching from the 1930s-1980s to spark and pull forth abiding elements of American Pop-Cultural history. As an educational site totally given to the ongoing exploration of human experiencing, its tape was compiled in strict accordance with all of the major fair use provisions stipulated in the U.S. Copyright Act. It is transformational, enhancing the individual value of each of its tiny segments, taking pains not to undercut nor substitute for a single selection. (The full description of the original tape, with an itemized list of all its redits, is found on the 'About All This' page at the front of this website.) -G.R.

​(Depending on your computer, this sound file may take a few seconds to start playing)


​​(Whatever you experienced when playing this is not, strictly speaking, on the tape at all. Rather, it actually came from and is a part of You!

​Even had you listened to this being played in a group of people, with everyone hearing it at the same time as sound waves coming from the same source, this would still be the case. Why? Because any resulting experience occurs always and only within the individual listener who is making his or her particular sense of it.

​Thus, what we're speaking of and dealing with in all experiencing forever remains a reality that is unswerving individual and unalterably unique.)


Recall some personal turning point you've gone through,
which is a decisive event in the life of anyone:

It always begins with a way of life coming to an end . . .


. . . which then takes one from shore far out to sea . . .
. . . and, eventually, it arrives at a new beginning.
​Because it is indisputably spontaneous and unique in its every occurrence, ​experiencing can never validly be made the exclusive province of any existing profession, academic discipline, or field of study -- for it belongs to them all.

When it comes to human experience, either everyone is an expert, or no one is.
​(The Personal Dimension -- ​Video 1 A​)​​

​​​Video # 1A 

​General Introduction

​"Glimpsing experience from the outside in"