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We have no official members, keep no subscriber's list, and do no general mailings. What we do instead is: provide an occasion for each reader to knowingly explore that specific stream of experiencing which is his or her own! 

This stream of experiencing is utterly unique, of course, and is at all times enacted and embodied solely by the particular individual in whom it lives. On this website, with its continuous conceptual focus on experience-based content, the resulting form all this takes is an internal dialog of discovery, which emerges and spreads out into interactions in still other parts of the website's network. Whenever this occurs, it then transmogrifies or turns into what we regard and refer to simply as a "personal conversation."

These actual strands of a person can be explored further in The Human Realm Group that we maintain on Facebook. Its several discussion topics can be seen by all those wanting to join in any of the conversations. To enroll in these understandably private and closed-group activities, please complete the four simple steps currently being readied for the PARTICIPANT'S PATH section of the Conversations page of this overall network website.

(Activities of this specific group are routinely mentined on both The Human Realm: Experiencing page and my personal profile/timeline at Facebook.)



                                        --Gene Ruyle


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